Types of Services:

The Center for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Innovation provides a variety of services for university faculty and students, and members of the public and private sectors. The work of the center is designed to address a broad range of issues important to the higher education community.

Distance Learning:

The center and its faculty and students have been involved in the development, administration and evolution of various distance learning graduate course(s) and program(s).


The center provides short-term fellowships to research specific issues relative to a student's need, the university's mission, departmental needs or requests from the community consistent with the mission of the center.

Small Grants:

In the coming weeks, the center will begin accepting research proposals intended for small grant support that address the unique mission of the center. Details of the small grant application process will be posted soon.

Data Analysis:

The center is available to provide data analysis and/or graduate students to assist others in data collection and/or analysis.


A goal of the center is to provide graduate students with a variety of professional options relative to their program of study. The center will coordinate and in certain cases provide seed or matching funds for selective internships.

Competitive Research Projects:

The center in cooperation with the College of Education and the Department of Administration & Supervision will conduct an annual research competition. Selected works will be posted on the center's website, submitted for publication, and the student selected will receive a $1,000 honorarium.

Community Projects:

The center will partner with selected community organizations that are involved in projects consistent with the mission of the center by providing graduate students opportunities to gain experience and to receive some funding. The center will focus on community college partnerships.