About Us

The mission of the Center for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Innovation is to conduct and promote research on significant issues facing higher education in the State of Florida. Specific attention will be devoted to the Community/State College System.

The center faculty and graduate students accomplish this end through assistantships, grants, projects and innovative initiatives.

The specific goals of the center are to:

  1. Foster collaboration among faculty/graduate students on issues of higher education research and innovation.
  2. Train graduate students.
  3. Serve as a resource for the field of higher education through cooperative public/private ventures.
  4. Explore the emerging role of the State College System.
  5. Motivate graduate students to expand their scholarly research options.

To accomplish these goals the center will direct, initiate, enhance or coordinate the following activities:

  1. Distance Learning course(s) and activities
  2. Short-Term Fellowships
  3. Small Grant Competitions
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Internships
  6. Competitive Research Projects
  7. Cooperative public/private and/or community/university initiatives